ANN: PyCLIF 0.3 released

mrovner at mrovner at
Fri Sep 29 21:16:29 EDT 2017

The C++ Language Interface Framework (CLIF) provides a common foundation for creating C++ wrapper generators for various languages.

Python generator (PyCLIF) is used widely inside Google.

It is available on pypi here:

and via git from: 

The mailing list is:!forum/pyclif

CLIF is Free Software, licensed under the Apache Software License. 

It requires Python 2.7 or 3.4 onwards. 

Major changes since 0.2: 
- Fix for system installation of Google protobuf
- Default for x86 only
- Python:
- - include google protobuf support
- - make a class iterable by having a nested class __iter__
- - experimental interface / implements statements for multiple template instantiations

Happy CLIFing!

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