ANN: JavaScripthon 0.9 has been released

Alberto Berti azazel+python-announce at
Thu Apr 19 14:29:46 EDT 2018

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 0.9 of JavaScripthon!

JavaScripthon in a small and unobtrusive yet powerful
Python-to-JavaScript compiler for Python 3.5+ that targets ES6+

Changes since the previous version:

- add a --source-name options to be used together with
  --inline-map when using -s;
- move main repository to;
- add support for default export and import;
- add documentation for the JS() marker function;
- refactor of the JS AST nodes;
- fix path splitting and joining on Windows (thanks to Roman Yakubuk);

There are some new contributions in this release:

- BrainBacon has made a JavaScripthon loader for WebPack;
- icarito has contributed support for JavaScripthon to the
  python-webpack-loader for WebPack;
- icarito has also integrated JavaScripthon with Nuxt.js and
- chfw has integrated JavaScripthon into pyecharts to allow
  Python function translation.

For more informations se the project homepage at

It's also mirrored on github at

License: GPL3

Alberto Berti (alberto at

"gutta cavat lapidem"

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