User research on the new PyPI

Nicole Harris n.harris at
Wed Apr 25 01:54:42 EDT 2018

Following the release of the new PyPI, the development team continues to
look for ways to improve the site - this includes conducting user research
and user testing to better understand what the Python community needs from
the user interface.

Our initial focus will be on redesigning the main project page (e.g., as this is the most visited page on the
website.  Yesterday, we launched a small user research exercise that asks
Python developers to "buy a feature" on this page, to help us understand
what is important to them.

So far, we have received 112 responses, but it would be great to have more.
If you have not already done so, please consider participating here:

The exercise takes around 5 minutes.

In addition, we would appreciate if you could spread the word about this
exercise to reach the greatest number of PyPI users. For those on Twitter,
we have a handy tweet set up:!&

Or you can retweet

Many thanks,

*Nicole Harris*
PyPA member, Lead Designer - Warehouse Project

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