Datatest 0.9.2 released (test driven data-wrangling)

Shawn Brown 03sjbrown at
Thu Aug 9 20:29:04 EDT 2018


I'm happy to announce that the next version of Datatest is now
available. This update includes improved data handling features
and support for Python 3.7.

Datatest supports test driven data-wrangling, data validation, and
analysis (for both pytest and unittest style testing).

 * Docs:
 * PyPI:
 * Devel:

What's New in Datatest 0.9.2

* Changed Query class:
    * Added flatten() method to serialize dictionary results.
    * Added to_csv() method to quickly save results as a CSV file.
    * Changed reduce() method to accept "initializer_factory" as
      an optional argument.
    * Changed filter() method to support predicate matching.
* Added True and False as predicates to support "truth value testing" on
  arbitrary objects (to match on truthy or falsy).
* Added ProxyGroup class for performing the same operations on groups of
  objects at the same time (a common need when testing against reference
* Changed Selector class keyword filtering to support predicate matching.
* Added handling to get_reader() to support datatest's Selector and Result
* Fixed get_reader() bug that prevented encoding-fallback recovery when
  reading from StringIO buffers in Python 2.

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