ANN: ndtypes/xnd 0.2.0b2 released

Stefan Krah stefan at
Mon Feb 5 12:43:29 EST 2018


this is the second release (beta-2) of two Python modules for describing and
manipulating unboxed in-memory data.

More information can be found in the first release announcement:

This release fixes several build problems and adds separate conda library
and module builds.


Conda packages


  9005fd967115c819499feb1a6ca6c37771f85d9af1ab9e28607962d34a3a6774  ndtypes-0.2.0b2.tar.gz
  300b86f601da4037d66be5042ecd2a98ac094b7cbc85aa587a946cc068ddbc37  xnd-0.2.0b2.tar.gz

Stefan Krah

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