locstacktrace 1.0.0 - More precise stack traces

Rocky Bernstein rb at dustyfeet.com
Sat Feb 17 19:07:22 EST 2018

Want to see more precisely where you are or were at in a traceback or
callstack your Python code has several places in a line it could have
errored ? Even if the code was something created at runtime with say
`eval` or `exec` or there is otherwise no source code?

Then this package is for you.

Some examples of the kinds of code this module can disambiguate:

   i / j / k                              # which divide?
   prev[prev[0]]                          # which prev ?
   [e[0] for i in d[j] if got[i] == e[i]] # lots going on here
   exec(some_code % 10, namespace)        # code at runtime

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