PyDev 6.4.3 Released

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at
Fri Jul 6 07:54:43 EDT 2018

*PyDev 6.4.3 Release Highlights*

PyDev changes:


   - Notification of threads is done as they're created instead of
      synchronized afterwards.
      - Support for using frame evaluation disabled by default as it made
      the debugger much slower on some cases.
      - Fixed case where breakpoint was missed if an exception was raised
      in a given line.
      - Properly break on unhandled exceptions on threads.
      - Add missing import which affected repl with IPython.
      - Fix for case where breakpoints could be missed.
      - Fixed issue tracing lamda functions.
      - pydevd.settrace() could end up not stopping the debugger properly.
      - Fixed critical error on debugger (could deadlock when creating a
      new thread).

   *Code Formatter*

      It's now possible to use the PyDev code formatter using the command
      - Install with: *pip install pydevf*
         - Fixes many common formatter errors.
         - Tries to keep code close to the original formatting.
         - see: for more details.

      Fixed issue where blank line was being put in the wrong place in the
      PyDev code formatter.

   Grammar: fixed issue parsing f-strings.
   - Fixed issue sending current line to interactive console (F2).

About PyDev

PyDev is an open-source Python IDE on top of Eclipse for Python, Jython and
IronPython development, now also available for Python on Visual Studio Code.

It comes with goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax
analysis, code analysis, refactor, debug, interactive console, etc.

It is also available as a standalone through LiClipse with goodies such as
multiple cursors, theming and support for many other languages, such as
Django Templates, Jinja2, Html, JavaScript, etc.


PyDev Blog:
PyDev on VSCode:
PyVmMonitor - Python Profiler:


Fabio Zadrozny

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