Release of fades 7.0

Facundo Batista facundobatista at
Mon Mar 26 18:30:25 EDT 2018

Hello all,

We're glad to announce the release of fades 7.

fades is a system that automatically handles the virtualenvs in the
cases normally found when writing scripts and simple programs, and
even helps to administer big projects.

It will automagically create a new virtualenv (or reuse a previous
created one), installing the necessary dependencies, and execute
your script inside that virtualenv.

You only need to execute the script with fades (instead of Python) and
also mark the required dependencies. More details here:

What's new in this release?

- Pre-check if everything requested is really available in PyPI before
starting to install them

- Ignore duplicated dependencies

- Several enhancements and fixes in the messages fades shows in verbose mode

- Forbid fades misusing: installing it with legacy Python and running
it from inside another virtualenv

- Lot of project related improvements (not visible directly to final
user, though) and some small bug fixes

Nicolás and I want to say a big thank you to the following collaborators
that helped to improve and enhance fades in different ways for this
version (in alphabetical order):

    Evan -
    Juan Carlos -
    Rotem Yaari -

To install and enjoy fades...

- If you are in Ubuntu or Debian, you can easily install like this
  (but probably won't get *latest* fades:

    sudo apt-get install fades

- For not latest debian/ubuntu you have a .deb here (with checksum
  and signature):

- Install it in Arch is very simple:

    yaourt -S fades

- In any Linux if you have the Snap system:

    snap install fades

- Using pip if you want:

    pip3 install fades

- You can always get the multiplatform tarball and install it in the
  old fashion way:

    tar -xf fades-latest.tar.gz
    cd fades-*
    sudo ./ install

  Also have the checksum and signature, if interested:

Help / questions:

- You can ask any question or send any recommendation or request
  in the Telegram group:

  ...or to the mailing list...

  ...or in the #fades IRC channel (in Freenode).

- Also, you can open an issue here (please do if you find any problem!).

- The project itself is in

  It's very easy to run latest development version:

    git clone
    cd fades

Thanks in advance for your time!

.    Facundo

Twitter: @facundobatista

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