new Python Package Index is now in beta at

Sumana Harihareswara sh at
Sat Mar 31 18:16:51 EDT 2018

The new Python Package Index at is now in beta.

This means the site is robust, but we anticipate needing more user
testing and changes before it is "production-ready" and can fully
replace . We hope to complete the transition
before the end of April 2018.

We're still working to ensure the new codebase and infrastructure are
reliable. So please don't rely on it (yet) unless you can handle the
occasional minor outage.

But we want you to try the new PyPI, test it, and tell us if you have
any problems. More at

For future announcements about PyPI, please subscribe to the low-traffic
pypi-announce mailing list .

Thank you.

-Sumana Harihareswara on behalf of the PyPI Team

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