[RELEASE] Python 3.7.0b4, final 3.7 beta, now available for testing

Ned Deily nad at python.org
Wed May 2 20:16:25 EDT 2018

Python 3.7.0b4 is the final beta preview of Python 3.7, the next feature
release of Python. Beta releases are intended to give you the
opportunity to test new features and bug fixes and to prepare your
projects to support the new feature release. We strongly encourage you
to test your projects with 3.7 during the beta phase and report issues
found to bugs.python.org as soon as possible. While the release is
feature complete entering the beta phase, it is possible that features
may be modified or, in rare cases, deleted up until the start of the
release candidate phase. Please keep in mind that this is a preview
release and its use is not recommended for production environments.
Attention macOS users: there is now a new installer variant for macOS
10.9+ that includes a built-in version of Tcl/Tk 8.6. This variant is
expected to become the default version when 3.7.0 releases. Check it out!

The next preview release will be the release candidate and is planned
for 2018-05-21 followed by the official release of 3.7.0, planned for
2018-06-15. You can find Python 3.7.0b4 and more information here:


  Ned Deily
  nad at python.org -- []

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