ANN: pyftpdlib 1.5.4 released

Giampaolo Rodola' g.rodola at
Fri May 4 17:07:41 EDT 2018

Hello all,
I'm glad to announce the release of pyftpdlib 1.5.4:


Python FTP server library provides a high-level portable interface to
easily write very efficient, scalable and asynchronous FTP servers with

What's new


- #463: FTPServer class can now be used as a context manager.

**Bug fixes**

- #431: Ctrl-C doesn't exit `python -m pyftpdlib` on Windows.
- #436: ThreadedFTPServer.max_cons is evaluated threading.activeCount(). If
  the user uses threads of its own it will consume the number of max_cons.
- #447: ThreadedFTPServer and MultiprocessFTPServer do not join() tasks
  are no longer consuming resources.


- Home page:
- Download:
- Documentation:
- What's new:


Giampaolo -

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