pytypes 1.0 beta 4 released

Stefan Richthofer Stefan.Richthofer at
Thu May 17 02:07:48 EDT 2018

pytypes 1.0 beta 4 has been released.

Beneath several bugfixes, the most notable new feature is a utility
function for explicitly resolving forward references, e.g. of a
manually defined type.
Another significant improvement is proper support for tuple ellipses.
The converter utility stubfile_2_converter, alias typestubs, was
improved significantly. It can now be used to dump type info from a
module (or other stubfile) into a stubfile, supporting type comments
and ordinary type annotations as input or output.
E.g. it can convert type comments from Python 2 code to an original
Python 3 style stubfile and vice versa.

pytypes is a toolbox for PEP-484 style typing, explicitly supporting
Python >= 3.3, Python 2.7, Jython >= 2.7.1, PyPy 3.

Its main features include:

- Runtime typechecking

- Auto-annotating code from runtime observations in form of stubfiles

- Utility functions:
* PEP 484 aware subtype and instance checking: is_of_type(obj, tp) and is_subtype(subtype, supertype)
* get_type_hints that takes stubfiles and type comments into account

- Typesafe method overriding

- Pull type information from stubfiles or type comments into __annotations__ for use by other tools

- all features smoothly work with OOP, i.e. methods, static methods, class methods, properties

pytypes is still in beta phase. File issues as the occur. Help is welcome!


License: Apache 2.0



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