ANN: TkGridGUI 0.0.20 released

Charlie Taylor charlietaylor at
Thu Nov 1 20:03:04 EDT 2018

To All,

I'm announcing the first release of TkGridGUI.
I consider it to be Alpha code, but still very usable.

TkGridGUI is a graphic user interface for creating python Tkinter

The user creates a fully "wired" python Tkinter GUI application by placing
widgets into a hierarchical grid structure.

TkGridGUI generates python source code for all the basic Tkinter widgets,
Button, Label and Entry, as well structures such as menus, notebooks and
statusbars. Within the generated python source code, user application code
is placed in designated areas.

Common widget bindings, keyboard shortcuts and StringVar objects are
created by default.

The workflow moves between placing widgets, editing widget properties,
adding application logic to the generated python source code and testing
the application after each change.

TkGridGUI runs on Linux and Windows with python 2 and 3.

See the Code at:

See the Docs at:

See PyPI page at:

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