cx_Oracle 7.0

Anthony Tuininga anthony.tuininga at
Thu Sep 13 16:56:09 EDT 2018

What is cx_Oracle?

cx_Oracle is a Python extension module that enables access to Oracle
Database for Python 3.x and 2.x and conforms to the Python database API 2.0
specifications with a number of enhancements.

Where do I get it?

The easiest method to install/upgrade cx_Oracle is via pip as in

    python -m pip install cx_Oracle --upgrade

What's new?

This release focused on support for Oracle Client 18 libraries, with
support added for call timeouts and SODA (Simple Oracle Document Access).

A number of smaller changes were also made to improve the experience of
using cx_Oracle. These include re-enabling the pool pinging functionality
for Oracle 12.2 and higher to handle classes of connection errors such as
resource profile limits; improved error messages when a feature requires a
particular version of Oracle Client libraries or Oracle Database; better
handling of objects when the connection that created them is closed; better
handling of connections when the pool that created them is destroyed; etc.

See the release notes for more information:

Please provide any feedback via GitHub issues (

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