Pythran - 0.8.7

Serge Guelton serge.guelton at
Sun Sep 16 08:09:23 EDT 2018

Hi there,

Pythran just released its 0.8.7 version. A quick reminder: Pythran is a
compiler for scientific Python, it can be used to turn Python kernels

    #pythran export laplacien(float64[][][3])
    import numpy as np
    def laplacien(image):
        out_image = np.abs(4*image[1:-1,1:-1] -
                                       image[0:-2,1:-1] - image[2:,1:-1] -
                                       image[1:-1,0:-2] - image[1:-1,2:])
        valmax = np.max(out_image)
        valmax = max(1.,valmax)+1.E-9
        out_image /= valmax
        return out_image

In a native library that runs much faster. Note the ``#pythran export``
line that specifies that the native version only accepts 3D arrays with
last dimension set to 3.

It's available on pypi:
on conda-forge (linux and osx):
and on github:

Special Thanks for this release to:

- Yann Diorcet for all his work on the Windows compatibility
- Jean Laroche for the bug reports on OSX
- Marteen for his « red dragon » gift
- h-vetinari, vgroff, DerWeh, ucyo, Chronum94, paugier, gouarin and Dapid for their bug reports.
- alexbw for setting up the conda-forge build

This release closes the following issues:

A more detailed changelog is available at

Enjoy, and if not, submit bug report :-)


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