ANN: orbit-predictor 1.9.0 released 🛰

Juan Luis Cano juanlu at
Fri Apr 12 07:48:33 EDT 2019

Hi all,

It fills us with astronomical joy to announce the release of
orbit-predictor 1.9.0! 🛰

orbit-predictor is an open source (MIT) Python library maintained by
Satellogic used to propagate orbits of Earth-orbiting objects (satellites,
ISS, Santa Claus, etc) using TLEs (Two-Line Elements).

orbit-predictor wraps the excellent python-sgp4 library by Brandon Rhodes,
and provides a simple API to compute satellite passes over specific
locations, find out their AOS and LOS (acquisition and loss of signal,
respectively), and retrieve the satellite position in ECEF (Earth-Centered,
Earth-Fixed) coordinates.

Furthermore, this release adds new predictors based on classical orbital
elements to facilitate orbit modeling. In particular, there are new
functions to create planar constellations of Sun-synchronous satellites.

orbit-predictor is cross-platform, works in Python >= 3.4 and can be
installed using pip:

pip install orbit-predictor

Please check out our GitHub repository for further information and complete
release notes. Bug reports are more than welcome!

Per Python ad astra!

*Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez*

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