pytest 4.1.0

Bruno Oliveira nicoddemus at
Sun Jan 6 10:13:28 EST 2019

The pytest team is proud to announce the 4.1.0 release!

In this release, a number of features have been removed (which were
previously warnings turned into errors), so users are strongly encouraged
to take a look at the CHANGELOG before updating:

For complete documentation, please visit:

As usual, you can upgrade from pypi via:

    pip install -U pytest

Thanks to all who contributed to this release, among them:

* Adam Johnson
* Aly Sivji
* Andrey Paramonov
* Anthony Sottile
* Bruno Oliveira
* Daniel Hahler
* David Vo
* Hyunchel Kim
* Jeffrey Rackauckas
* Kanguros
* Nicholas Devenish
* Pedro Algarvio
* Randy Barlow
* Ronny Pfannschmidt
* Tomer Keren
* feuillemorte
* wim glenn

Happy testing,
The Pytest Development Team

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