ANN: Django-Compat-Patcher0.4

Pascal Chambon pythoniks at
Sun Jan 20 06:08:25 EST 2019

Dear pythoneers,

I'm pleased to announce version 0.4 Django-Compat-Patcher, which adds 
forwards/backwards compatibility shims for Django1.10 and Django 1.11:

The goal of this project is to vastly improve the compatibility of 
different Django versions, so that different applications and plugins of 
its ecosystem can be used together without creating dependency hells.

Django-Compat-Patcher also showcases a shim management system which 
could be ported to other frameworks, to separate compatibility shims 
from (clean) codebase, and apply them automatically only when needed.

It has been used successfully on the Pychronia roleplay portal 

Homepage of the DCP project :

Pascal Chambon

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