ANN: Datatest 0.9.6 Released

Shawn Brown 03sjbrown at
Mon Jun 3 00:40:37 EDT 2019

Datatest version 0.9.6 is now available.

Datatest helps speed up and formalize data-wrangling and data validation
tasks. It repurposes software testing practices for data preparation and
quality assurance projects.

* Docs -
* PyPI -
* Devel -

Upgrade an existing installation:

    pip install --upgrade datatest

What's New in Datatest 0.9.6:

* Cleaned up the acceptance API to make it both less verbose
  and more expressive:
   * Consolidated specific-instance and class-based acceptances
     into a single interface.
   * Added a new accepted.tolerance() method that subsumes the
     behavior of accepted.deviation() by supporting Missing and
     Extra quantities in addition to Deviation objects.
   * Deprecated old methods:

     =======================  ==================================
     Old Syntax               New Syntax
     =======================  ==================================
     accepted.specific(...)   accepted(...)
     accepted.missing()       accepted(Missing)
     accepted.extra()         accepted(Extra)
     *NO EQUIVALENT*          accepted(CustomDifferenceClass)
     accepted.deviation(...)  accepted.tolerance(...)
     accepted.limit(...)      accepted.count(...)
     *NO EQUIVALENT*          accepted.count(..., scope='group')
     =======================  ==================================

     Other methods--accepted.args(), accepted.keys(), etc.--remain

* Changed validation to generate Deviation objects for a broader
  definition of quantitative values (like datetime objects)--not
  just for subclasses of numbers.Number.
* Changed handling for pandas.Series objects to treat them as
  sequences instead of mappings.
* Added handling for DBAPI2 cursor objects to automatically
  unwrap single-value rows.
* Removed acceptance classes from datatest namespace--these were
  inadvertently added in a previous version but were never part
  of the documented API. They can still be referenced via the
  `acceptances` module:

    from datatest.acceptances import ...

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