Python 3.4.10 is now available

Larry Hastings larry at
Mon Mar 18 16:42:31 EDT 2019

On behalf of the Python development community, I'm proud--if slightly 
sad--to announce the availability of Python 3.4.10.

Python 3.4.10 was released in "security fixes only" mode.  It only 
contains security fixes, not conventional bug fixes, and it is a 
source-only release.

Python 3.4.10 is the final release in the Python 3.4 series. As of this 
release, the 3.4 branch has been retired, no further changes to 3.4 will 
be accepted, and no new releases will be made.  This is standard Python 
policy; Python releases get five years of support and are then retired.

If you're still using Python 3.4, you should consider upgrading to the 
current version--3.7.2 as of this writing.  Newer versions of Python
have many new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes, which 
should all serve to enhance your Python programming experience.

We in the Python core development community thank you for your interest 
in 3.4, and we wish you all the best!

You can find Python 3.4.10 here:

One I completely finish the Python 3.4.10 release process, I will retire 
as Python 3.4 Release Manager.  I'll still be Python 3.5 Release Manager 
for another eighteen months or so.

Python 3.4 is OVER!


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