ANNOUNCE: wxPython 4.0.5

Robin Dunn robin at
Sun May 19 23:10:49 EDT 2019

Announcing wxPython 4.0.5

Pip:    ``pip install wxPython==4.0.5``

Changes in this release include the following:

* Added missing HtmlWindow.ScrollToAnchor method, and also a couple
   methods in HtmlCell too. (#1141)

* Added missing setters for the wheel-related properties in
   wx.MouseEvent.  (#1140)

* Updated wxWidgets commit reference, bringing fixes for #1140, #1086
   and #1147.

* Fix the use of the output parameter in HtmlWindow.OnOpeningURL the
   same way it was fixed in
   HtmlWindowInterface.OnHTMLOpeningURL. (#1068)

* Fixed a crashing bug when using a member of a transient
   wx.VisualAttributes object. Also set the attributes to be read-only
   to simplify the fix. (#1198).

* Updated the sip being used in wxPython builds to version 4.19.16.

* Added helper functions to check results of wxWidgets configure
   during the build of wxPython. Currently used to determine if the wx
   webview, glcanvas, and media libraries should be added to the link
   command. (#1138)

* Fixed scrollbar issue with ListCtrlAutoWidthMixin (#1215)

* Fixed file access in the and packages to be
   Python 2 and 3 compatible. (#1193, #1156)

* Fixes for building with Python 3.8 on Linux. (#1227)

Have fun!

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman

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