[Python-authors] expert-level books, was Re: intro and looking for writing tips

will willg at bluesock.org
Fri Jun 12 20:33:13 CEST 2009

Doug Hellmann wrote:
> That sounds like a good collection of information to have in one place.  
> Have you seen Tarek's book, Expert Python Programming?  It covers some 
> of those topics, but not all, IIRC.

I did read his book and it has its moments in regards to this particular 
material, but I think it needed to be more comprehensive.  For one 
thing, it sorely lacks "where to get more information" material.  The 
book isn't focused on project infrastructure and he probably had limited 
space to cover things, so I don't mean to imply that his book sucks.

Grig and Titus (and others) cover testing in their blogs (and other 
places) pretty heavily.  I'd definitely use that as resource material 
and "where to get more information" links.  I've also seen Python 
Magazine articles that cover some of the material, too.

I'd be interested in knowing whether other books, articles, blogs, etc 
cover this material well.


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