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On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 11:17 PM, Brandon Craig Rhodes <
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> Intrepid Python authors -
> Hey!  I'm Brandon, the Editor-in-Chief of Python Magazine.

> Oh, and in case any of you are subscribers: we almost have the January
> issue of Python Magazine ready for release!  Because of budgetary
> problems, the magazine will henceforth be a PDF-only periodical that you
> download each month from the web site; and, as part of the transition,
> the web site is in the middle of being re-done by the publisher and is,
> last I checked, a bare page.  This should be replaced with a real web
> site in the next few days, and hopefully the appearance of the January
> issue will demonstrate that the publication is back on its feet.
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> http://rhodesmill.org/brandon
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Well, I'm glad there's some word out there about what's going on. Maybe you
can tell us what happened to the November, December and January issues? I
got my October issue in December. Are the subscribers who bought the
Print+PDF version getting refunded the difference or do they get an extra
issue or two?

Have a nice day.

Mike Driscoll

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