[Python-authors] Opportunity for Python authors.

Kshipra Singh kshipras at packtpub.com
Mon Mar 8 12:15:27 CET 2010

Hi All, 

I am writing to you for Packt Publishing, the publishers computer related books.

We are planning to extend our catalogue of cookbooks and are currently inviting "Python" fanatics interested in writing a cookbook. So, if you love "Python" and are interested in writing a cookbook, please contact us with your book ideas at author at packtpub.com. Even if you do not have a book idea and are simply interested in authoring a cookbook, we are keen to hear from you. 

More details about the opportunity are available at: http://authors.packtpub.com/content/python-fanatics-invited-write-packt

Kshipra Singh
Author Relationship Manager
Packt Publishing
Skype: kshiprasingh15
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kshipras
Interested in becoming an author? Visit http://authors.packtpub.com for all the information you need about writing for Packt.
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