m.boorman@ieee.org: [Python-bugs-list] win32service.OpenService does not handle embeded sp aces. (PR#126)

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 14:48:31 +1100

> Full_Name: Mathew Boorman
> Version: 1.5.2
> OS: NT 4.0
> Submission from: pan.admiral.co.uk (
> win32service.OpenService does not handle embeded spaces in
> the service name, it
> does not find the name. The following code sample works OK
> for the first names,
> but any Service Names with embedded spaces fail, with a
> message as follows.

This is not a bug.  You are confusing the service name with the
"service display name".  Service names can not have spaces in them.


> Protected Storage

This is the display name.  The service name is "ProtectedStorage".

The "net start" command may well handle this.  However, the Python
extensions do not.  I do not class this as a bug, but a reasonable
feature request that I may add sometime - if you feel this is
important, feel free to submit a patch for this (directly to me,
rather than the bugs list)