[Python-bugs-list] Tkinter missing button state symbols (PR#132)

Hopper.Randall@epa.gov Hopper.Randall@epa.gov
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 14:03:59 -0500 (EST)

Guido van Rossum:
 |> Full_Name: Randall Hopper
 |> Version: 1.5.2
 |> OS: IRIX 6.5
 |> Submission from: ethyl-f.rtpfddi.epa.gov (
 |> I have:
 |>   picture.bind( "<ButtonPress-1>"  , click_cb )
 |>   picture.bind( "<ButtonRelease-1>", click_cb )
 |> In click_cb(), event.state is 0 for ButtonPress and 256 for ButtonRelease.
 |> Where are the Tkinter constants for these?  Or how should one distinguish
 |> between a press and release in a callback?
 |> (I want to avoid having a separate callback for each type of event.)
 |This is not a question for the bugs list.
 |Write to help@python.org or use the newsgroup for help.  I don't know
 |offhand what the answer is to your question; I suspect that the answer
 |is in the Tcl/Tk man page for the bind command though.

My fault.  I should have rephrased the question into a statement.  Tkinter
does not provide symbol defines for event.state values (%s keyword in Tcl).
Tcl doesn't either, but it would be useful if Tkinter did.

This is a small enhancement request rather than a hard bug, but I thought
the submission form was for probably applicable for both.