[Python-bugs-list] fix for freezing problem (PR#417)

daishi@cs.berkeley.edu daishi@cs.berkeley.edu
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 22:45:25 -0400 (EDT)

Full_Name: daishi harada
Version: cvs (2.0/1.6?)
OS: linux 2.2 (debian/frozen)
Submission from: c894332-a.pinol1.sfba.home.com (

Attempting to freeze in the cvs version of Python appears to fail because of
the addition of:
	Modules/config.c.in L40:       {"exceptions", NULL}, 
with respect to earlier versions of Python. In particular, freezing fails
because an
	extern void initexceptions();
ends up being placed in the config.c generated by Tools/freeze/makeconfig.py,
and this is unbound. I have "fixed" this by simply adding 'exceptions' to the
never list on L6 of makeconfig.py. Things appear to work (or at least
properly freeze), but I have not extensively verified correct operation.