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Thu, 7 Sep 2000 15:02:57 -0700

Bug #110627, was updated on 2000-Jul-31 14:08
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Project: Python
Category: Build
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Bug Group: 3rd Party
Priority: 3
Summary: Floating point numbers (PR#277)

Details: Jitterbug-Id: 277
Submitted-By: gellsmore@yahoo.com
Date: Wed,  5 Apr 2000 17:00:09 -0400 (EDT)
Version: Python CE 1.0b1
OS: Windows CE H/PC 3.01 pro

Floating point answer objects not returned correctly


All floats return g but will work in scenario below where floats form part of
the expression but not the answer object


this works.

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Date: 2000-Aug-03 05:50
By: twouters

Hm, Python CE 1.0b1 ? I'm not sure if that's an old version of Python ported to the CE, or a recent version of Python ported to the CE with a new version number. In any case, I dont believe the CE port is being maintained by the core Python group, so I don't think we can do much about it.


Date: 2000-Sep-07 15:02
By: jhylton

Please do triage on this bug.

For detailed info, follow this link: