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Bugs item #633858, was opened at 2002-11-05 10:27
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Category: Documentation
>Group: 3rd Party
>Status: Closed
>Resolution: Wont Fix
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Grant Griffin (dspguru)
Assigned to: Fred L. Drake, Jr. (fdrake)
Summary: trouble printing mimelib.pdf

Initial Comment:
I could not print pages 2, 11, and 24 of the PDF form 
of "mimelib.pdf", which is the manual for the new email, 
(BTW, why not rename it to "email.pdf"?)

I tried using two different printers from two different 
manufacturers, and I tried printing from within Internet 
Explorer as well as from within Acrobat Reader.  In each 
case, I got the message, "The document could not be 
printed".  Other pages printed fine--though printing 
always stopped at the point of the offending page.  (I 
therefore had print it in segments, less pages 2, 11, and 

My guess is that there is something unusual on these 
pages that is not friendly to printers, oncethe source 
document gets translated to PDF.

(I apologize in advance if this has previously reported 
and/or is a cockpit error on my part--as my bug reports 
usually are <wink>.)




>Comment By: Fred L. Drake, Jr. (fdrake)
Date: 2002-11-05 12:39

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I don't know where mimelib.pdf gets distributed at all;
presumably as part of the separate distribution of the email
package.  (The source in Python's CVS is called mimelib
since the name email was already used for the inner portion
of the reference manual.)  Barry should rename it to
something more appropriate for distribution.

The printing issue is discussed on the download page for
Python's documentation:


Closing this as a third-party bug.


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