[ python-Bugs-864379 ] Python 2.3.3 make test core dump on HP-UX11i

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Category: Build
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Richard Townsend (rptownsend)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Python 2.3.3 make test core dump on HP-UX11i

Initial Comment:
I built Python-2.3.3 on HP-UX11i in the same way that I 
built Python-2.3.2.

However, this time running 'make test' core dumps on 
the second pass with:

*** Termination signal 138


The output from test_sax.py is given below. Each test 
appears to fail, but the summary gives zero failures (this 
also happens with Python 2.3.2, but 'make test' doesn't 
core dump on that release).

> ./python ./Lib/test/test_sax.py
Failed test_attrs_empty
Failed test_attrs_wattr
Failed test_double_quoteattr
Failed test_escape_all
Failed test_escape_basic
Failed test_escape_extra
Failed test_expat_attrs_empty
Failed test_expat_attrs_wattr
Failed test_expat_dtdhandler
Failed test_expat_entityresolver
Failed test_expat_file
Failed test_expat_incomplete
Failed test_expat_incremental
Failed test_expat_incremental_reset
Failed test_expat_inpsource_filename
Failed test_expat_inpsource_location
Failed test_expat_inpsource_stream
Failed test_expat_inpsource_sysid
Failed test_expat_locator_noinfo
Failed test_expat_locator_withinfo
Failed test_expat_nsattrs_empty
Failed test_expat_nsattrs_wattr
Failed test_filter_basic
Failed test_make_parser
Failed test_make_parser2
Failed test_nsattrs_empty
Failed test_nsattrs_wattr
Failed test_quoteattr_basic
Failed test_single_double_quoteattr
Failed test_single_quoteattr
Failed test_unescape_all
Failed test_unescape_amp_extra
Failed test_unescape_basic
Failed test_unescape_extra
Failed test_xmlgen_attr_escape
Failed test_xmlgen_basic
Failed test_xmlgen_content
Failed test_xmlgen_content_escape
Failed test_xmlgen_ignorable
Failed test_xmlgen_ns
Failed test_xmlgen_pi
41 tests, 0 failures


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