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Category: Windows
Group: Platform-specific
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Jens Olsson (morr)
Assigned to: Thomas Heller (theller)
Summary: Windows installer halts

Initial Comment:
The Windows installer halts when starting to install files, 
more exactly when installing the file "UNWISE.EXE" and 
the progress bar reads "1%".

Python versions tested:

All tested versions behave the same. Since I don't believe 
it's a common bug I attach selected computer specs for 
the system in question. I find it hard to believe it is the 
python windows installer by itself that contains the bug 
but since I haven't experienced this with any other 
installer I submit the bug anyway. It can't be my system 
by itself either.

- Varying the installation options does not seem to help 
(non exhaustive testing done).
- Running install on on specific processor (Hyper 
Threading is enabled) does not change things

Test system summary (see attachment for full specs):
Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard, intel Northwood 3.0GHz HT, 
2x512MB Corsair 3500, Radeon 9700 AIW, Seagate 
Barracuda 160GB, Windows XP Pro SP1a.

Reproduction steps:
1. Launch installer
2. Click 'next' when asked for directory
3. Click 'next' when asked about backups
4. Click 'next' when asked for component selection
5. Click 'next' when asked for start menu group selection
6. Click 'next' when prompted with the "ready to install" 
7. Observere bug


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