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Thu Nov 11 16:25:22 CET 2004

Bugs item #1063937, was opened at 2004-11-10 10:50
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Category: Python Interpreter Core
Group: Python 2.2.3
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 7
Submitted By: munder12 (munder12)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Random core dumps

Initial Comment:
I have narrowed it down as far as I can by continuing
to make the problem simpler and simpler but where it
still core dumps.

The way this is set up is the following:

pytest2.py and pytest.py are in the same directory.

pytest3.py is in PYTHONPATH where PYTHONPATH is
<abs_path>/BASE:<abs_path>/SUP  (pytest3.py is in BASE).

Run ./pytest2.py several times.
This current problem core dumps on average about 2
times every 5 runs.

I have attached a file that has the Python listings as
well as the gdb traceback.

This is running under Fedora Core 1 with:

Python 2.2.3 (#1, Oct 15 2003, 23:33:35)
[GCC 3.3.1 20030930 (Red Hat Linux 3.3.1-6)] on linux2

Thank you,

PS  Strangely enough the comments in pytest.py seem to
actually increase the frequency of core dumps.


>Comment By: munder12 (munder12)
Date: 2004-11-11 09:25

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I have played some more with the setup.  Now only pytest2.py
and pytest.py need to be present in same directory.

Running pytest2.py will randomly cause core dumps coming
from pytest.py.

If you run pytest.py enough times directly it also will
randomly core.

I have attached pytest.py and pytest2.py.

I have not tried with any other version of Python yet.


Comment By: Michael Hudson (mwh)
Date: 2004-11-11 08:47

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Have you tried a more recent Python?

I'm finding decoding your report (attempting to reproduce) a
little challenging.  Could you upload a tarball containing a
shell script driver or something?


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