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Category: Python Library
Group: Python 2.4
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Chris Palmer (chris_palmer)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: No os.spawn*p* on Windows

Initial Comment:
You have the other spawn* functions, and exec*p*, but
no spawn*p*. It exists on Linux. These functions should
either exist everywhere or nowhere.


>Comment By: Chris Palmer (chris_palmer)
Date: 2005-03-20 20:43

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Okay, I read the page you point to. It provides no
explanation, just a statement of the fact I had already
discovered. An explanation would be nice.

Don't you think it's strange that these three conditions
should hold:

1. os.exec*p* are supported on Windows;
2. Windows systems have a PATH environment variable with the
same meaning and use as UNIX; and yet
3. os.spawn*p* are not supported on Windows?

If there's some difference to how the environment is treated
or used between exec* and spawn* on Windows, wouldn't it be
easy to emulate the PATH-searching feature?

My options are to emulate the PATH-searching feature myself
and ignore os.spawn*p* on all platforms, or to use it when
it's present and only emulate it on Windows. The first
option is ridiculous, the second is ridiculous and ugly.

If you won't emulate the spawn*p* behavior -- it's three
lines of Python! -- it would help if you could at least
explain why, technically.



Comment By: Christos Georgiou (tzot)
Date: 2005-03-20 10:02

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This is documented (see
http://docs.python.org/lib/os-process.html). Python lib has
many places where underlying platform controls availability
of functionality.
Suggest closing of this bug or converting it to wishlist item.


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