[issue1704] possible bug in randint

Rich Marinaccio report at bugs.python.org
Fri Dec 28 05:00:00 CET 2007

Rich Marinaccio added the comment:

I have been using python for Civilization IV map scripting, and I 
believe I have found a small problem with the randint function. Once in 
a blue moon, randint(a,b) returns b + 1, rather than a <= N <= b. I 
have seen this behavior a few times. Here is the code I used to 
determine this.

randIndex = PWRand.randint(0,len(preshuffle)-1)#PWRand calls randint 
directly with these parameters
if randIndex < 0 or randIndex >= len(preshuffle):
    raise ValueError, " bad index shuffling plot list randIndex=%(r)d 
listLength=%(l)d, mapSize=%(s)d" % {"r":randIndex,"l":len

#output is
ValueError:  bad index shuffling plot list randIndex=1453 
listLength=1453, mapSize=13824

according to the docs, the max randIndex should be listLength - 1

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