[issue1352] Preliminary stderr patch

Martin v. Löwis report at bugs.python.org
Fri Nov 2 22:14:26 CET 2007

Martin v. Löwis added the comment:

> Guido van Rossum added the comment:
>> http://wiki.python.org/moin/TrackerAccessControl
>> which specifies all permissions in the tracker in detail.
> Is it so that Anonymous < User < Developer < Coordinator? 

Not in roundup per se, no. It is so in this installation.

> If so, the role field could just be a 
> dropdown instead of a list of roles...

I believe a lot of these permissions are redundant. People
holding the Developer role typically also hold the User
role. It might be possible to drop the User role from the
developers, and the User and Developer roles from the Coordinators,
without loss of permissions - but there is a chance that doing
so would break things in case some permission was forgotten.


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