[issue1628484] Python 2.5 64 bit compile fails on Solaris 10/gcc 4.1.1

Peter N report at bugs.python.org
Thu Jun 5 17:53:44 CEST 2008

Peter N <spacey-bugs.python.org at ssr.com> added the comment:


On solaris 10 x86, this patch makes it possible to build python 2.5.x.
Without it, there is no way for the automated build to work. I believe
that your characterization of it as "Therefore, I claim that this makes
things more complex, and doesn't solve an actual problem." is strangely
disconnected from the facts that have been presented to you.

So, since this patch allows python to be built 64-bit on a biarch
system, and without it, the build doesn't work, what would need to
change so that you/the python maintainers would accept a fix? Assuming
this patch isn't it, what needs to change? I think that in this entire
conversation a set of viable parameters haven't been presented.

As it is, python is ridiculously difficult to build for my company's
environment which has separate packages in separate directories (eg
/usr/local/amd64/expat/ for expat, /usr/local/amd64/gnu/lib for readline
and ncurses, etc.)



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