[issue993766] bdist_dumb and --relative on Windows fails

zouguangxian report at bugs.python.org
Fri Jun 27 07:44:27 CEST 2008

zouguangxian <trueweck at 163.com> added the comment:

I encounter the same problem of Mark Hammond. I check the code in
repository, the ensure_relative function in python25 is:

def ensure_relative (path):
    """Take the full path 'path', and make it a relative path so
    it can be the second argument to os.path.join().
    drive, path = os.path.splitdrive(path)
    if sys.platform == 'mac':
        return os.sep + path
        if path[0:1] == os.sep:
            path = drive + path[1:]
        return path

I also checked python24, and didn't find the code which described by 
Patrice LACOUTURE in msg60533 (view).

nosy: +weck

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