[issue4251] library.pdf documentation: "See also: Module <xxx>" does not link to xxx inside the PDF File

Winfried Plappert report at bugs.python.org
Sat Nov 8 20:16:20 CET 2008

Winfried Plappert <Winfried.Plappert at gmx.de> added the comment:

Hi, I just checked out sphinx version 67171. It still seems not to
procduce a link to the module. How does Sphinx rev 735:a4019921bdf4
translate into a Python revision?

This is what I did:
 $ make update
svn update tools/sphinx
At revision 67171.
svn update tools/docutils
At revision 67171.
svn update tools/jinja
At revision 67171.
svn update tools/pygments
At revision 67171.

make latex; cd build/latex; make

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