[issue1475] test_popen fails when the directory contains a space

Russ Gibson report at bugs.python.org
Sat Jul 4 06:19:08 CEST 2009

Russ Gibson <russg at rnstech.com> added the comment:

(Same comment I added to 1559298:)
What is needed is separate quoting for the command and the argument. 
Right now, test_popen only surrounds the entire command line with quotes:

"c:\Program Files\Python2.6\Python.exe -u c:\Documents and Settings\Russ

It needs to test the above as thus:

"c:\Program Files\Python2.6\Python.exe" -u "c:\Documents and
Settings\Russ Gibson\cgi-bin\cgi.py"

>From the command line, the second case works, but the first doesn't.
Neither work from os.popen in 2.6.2.  I have been unable to get popen*
to work with a command and an argument that both contain spaces.

To make sure that popen works in all cases under windows, test_popen*
needs to test with separate quotes around the command and argument. 
That will show the real problem with the current os.popen*

(yeah, I know, shut up and provide a patch...)

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