[issue8309] Sin(x) is Wrong

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Sun Apr 4 21:45:34 CEST 2010

Derek O'Connor <derekroconnor at eircom.net> added the comment:

@ Tim Peters

" ... are much keener about speed than avoiding noise results for inputs in ranges they *never intend to use* ".

It is the *unintended use* that worries me. Sadly, "Speed is King". Perhaps that aphorism should be "Speed is Ki(lli)ng".

@ Mark Dickinson

I don't write C but Gay's 4300 line dtoa.c is the most frightening piece of code I've ever seen. 

I think accountants have the right idea: money is in cents, with positives in the left column and negatives in the right. All they need is integer addition and comparison. Multiplication? Only if you have taxation.

Derek O'Connor


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