[issue8362] Add Misc/maintainers.rst to 2.x branch

Éric Araujo report at bugs.python.org
Sat Apr 10 14:14:39 CEST 2010

New submission from Éric Araujo <merwok at netwok.org>:


The maintainers listing is helpful for us outside bug reporters, but only present in the py3k branch. I copied it and reverted module name changes. Attached is the resulting file and the diff against py3k.


assignee: georg.brandl
components: Documentation
files: maintainers.rst
messages: 102772
nosy: georg.brandl, merwok, r.david.murray
severity: normal
status: open
title: Add Misc/maintainers.rst to 2.x branch
versions: Python 2.7
Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file16853/maintainers.rst

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