[issue7863] platform module doesn't detect Windows 7

Brian Curtin report at bugs.python.org
Wed Feb 10 18:01:21 CET 2010

Brian Curtin <curtin at acm.org> added the comment:

I'll look into whatever other trickery could be applied to 2.6/3.1.

The patch against trunk works correctly for Win7, Win 2003 Server SP1, Win XP SP2, and Win 2000 Server SP2. platform.platform() outputs the same info for the latter three OSes whether or not the patch is applied. 

The csd change will work going back to Windows 2000. If we have to support anything prior, which I don't believe we do, then you are correct that it won't work. If that's an issue, I can revert that part of the change.


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