[issue1300] subprocess.list2cmdline doesn't do pipe symbols

Jean-Paul Calderone report at bugs.python.org
Sat Jun 19 20:16:35 CEST 2010

Jean-Paul Calderone <exarkun at twistedmatrix.com> added the comment:

It will return the former.

To clarify, it's true that there appears to be a problem with Popen(['echo', 'foo|bar'], shell=True).  That is being tracked in issue7839.

What's invalid is the report that list2cmdline() should be quoting strings with | in them.  list2cmdline() is documented as being an implementation of the quoting convention implemented by the MS C runtime.  That quoting convention does not require | to be quoted.

It's cmd.exe which requires | to be quoted (if it is to be part of an argument value, rather than to indicate a command pipeline of some sort).  cmd.exe quoting rules need to be addressed separately from the MS C quoting rules used even if cmd.exe isn't involved.


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