[issue8332] regrtest single TestClass/test_method

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Fri Nov 12 18:25:42 CET 2010

anatoly techtonik <techtonik at gmail.com> added the comment:

Yes. You're missing the second case. In:
> regrtest [options] test_file.test_method

You don't specify class name. This saves some time you need to navigate and copy/paste name of container class. It will save more time if masks are used by default. To illustrate this let's introduce '-l' key that lists all found tests to test test discovery (no errors in this sentence).

> regrtest -l *des*

*stars* in results highlight matched substring.

Rationale: The most common operation when looking for tests to run is grep. You don't need to remember option name to specify mask - just use mask - it will run discovery and execute only tests found. '-l' key in test runner can be used to quickly grep available tests to find the exact name and run only it.

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