[issue2001] Pydoc interactive browsing enhancement

Ron Adam report at bugs.python.org
Thu Nov 18 07:54:16 CET 2010

Ron Adam <ron_adam at users.sourceforge.net> added the comment:

Thanks for the review Éric!  The more eyes on this the better it will be.

I'm not familiar with rietveld yet.  But no time like the present to get started.  Here's the link.


I didn't play around with the html too much. Mostly I just wanted to get it to work for now.  I plan on adding support for style sheets, so a lot of the html code will be updated at that time.

Alex, the version info is just what sys.version returns, that was just easy to do, we can probably trim that down a bit.

The "Index of Modules" can be shortened to "Index" or "Modules".

I can have the get, and search box's always be two lines.  Something like...

Python 3.2a4/rev#     Get    [________]    Index
Platform              Search [________]    Topics : Keywords


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