[issue10483] http.server - what is executable on Windows

Martin v. Löwis report at bugs.python.org
Mon Nov 22 12:06:26 CET 2010

Martin v. Löwis <martin at v.loewis.de> added the comment:

> Your suggestion of making CGIHTTPRequestHandler easier to subclass is
> certainly a good one, and is almost imperative to implement to fix
> this bug in a useful manner without implementing an insufficient set
> of Windows extensions (for someone's definition of wrong).

It's indeed the approach I would prefer over the alternatives you
suggested - I particularly dislike Python implementing a strategy
where #! files become considered on Windows (you then immediately
run into subsequent problems, such as /usr/bin/perl being no valid
filename on most Windows installations).

So I maintain that technically, in order to resolve the *reported*
issue (msg121875), it is sufficient to define that executables
on Windows are the files ending with .exe. To recall, the reported
issue is "is simply wrong ... is not clear what to use instead"
(to you as the reporter). My job as a maintainer is to resolve this,
and I will decide to resolve this as suggested. Even the refactoring
to allow substitution of process creation is an independent feature,
but I'm willing to accept patches.


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