[issue10517] test_concurrent_futures crashes with "Fatal Python error: Invalid thread state for this thread"

Dave Malcolm report at bugs.python.org
Wed Nov 24 19:48:13 CET 2010

Dave Malcolm <dmalcolm at redhat.com> added the comment:

By strategically adding print() and input() calls, I was able to isolate the error to this line in test_multiprocessing.py's test_main:
   ManagerMixin.pool = ManagerMixin.manager.Pool(4)

specifically, to the construction:

Minimal reproducer seems to be:
>>> import multiprocessing.managers
>>> mpp = multiprocessing.Pool(4)
>>> sm = multiprocessing.managers.SyncManager()
>>> sm.start()


$ ./python -c "import multiprocessing.managers ; mpp = multiprocessing.Pool(4); sm = multiprocessing.managers.SyncManager(); sm.start()"
Fatal Python error: Invalid thread state for this thread


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