[issue10273] Clean-up Unittest API

Ezio Melotti report at bugs.python.org
Thu Nov 25 23:56:46 CET 2010

Ezio Melotti <ezio.melotti at gmail.com> added the comment:

> * Moving the docs for type specific equality methods inside the docs for assertEqual to emphasize that those get dispatched automatically and need not be called directly.

I already fixed this on py3k, adding a section where the type-specific methods are described[0] and added a reference in the assertEqual description[1].  I also clarified that usually there's no need to call them directly even thought I don't see why they shouldn't do it if they want to use a specific test.

> * Changing assertRegexpMatches to assertRegex

And assertNotRegexpMatches -> assertNotRegex,  assertRaisesRegexp -> assertRaisesRegex,  assertWarnsRegexp -> assertWarnRegex?
Will the *Regexp forms be deprecated too?

[0]: http://docs.python.org/dev/py3k/library/unittest.html#type-specific-methods
[1]: http://docs.python.org/dev/py3k/library/unittest.html#unittest.TestCase.assertEqual


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