[issue10237] failure in Barrier tests

Stephen Hansen report at bugs.python.org
Sat Oct 30 22:10:01 CEST 2010

Stephen Hansen <me+python at ixokai.io> added the comment:

FWIW, my snow leopard slave isn't slow at all so I doubt there's a timeout related to machine speed going on here, as its failing thus:

test test_threading failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/pythonbuildbot/buildarea/3.x.hansen-osx-x86/build/Lib/test/lock_tests.py", line 784, in test_default_timeout
  File "/Users/pythonbuildbot/buildarea/3.x.hansen-osx-x86/build/Lib/test/lock_tests.py", line 615, in run_threads
  File "/Users/pythonbuildbot/buildarea/3.x.hansen-osx-x86/build/Lib/test/lock_tests.py", line 783, in f
    self.assertRaises(threading.BrokenBarrierError, self.barrier.wait)
AssertionError: BrokenBarrierError not raised by wait

Its actually a really spammy sort of failure with a lot of errors before it, which may or may not shed more light on the situation: http://www.python.org/dev//buildbot/3.x.stable/builders/x86%20Snow%20Leopard%203.x/builds/267/steps/test/logs/stdio

This was r85883, so after the increase in the timeout.

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