[issue9807] deriving configuration information for different builds with the same prefix

Éric Araujo report at bugs.python.org
Mon Sep 13 03:15:36 CEST 2010

Éric Araujo <merwok at netwok.org> added the comment:

Agree with Barry: sysconfig is the new hotness for configuration info.

On #4359, I said that future improvements in sysconfig (http://bitbucket.org/tarek/distutils2/src/tip/docs/design/wiki.rst) will address part of the issue: It will use a configparser file to store installation directories.  There is nothing in the document about other build-time variables at the moment, but I’m +1 on any system that would remove the brittle Makefile parsing in sysconfig.  The sysconfig.cfg does not look like the best place to put this info, since it’s not editable configuration but more state.  +0 on generating a _sysconfig.c module.

I’ll have to read again the original patch and Martin’s proposal to understand the case of debug in the wider configure information picture.

nosy: +fdrake

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